Release Notes

3.25.0 22 August 2020
  • Add custom fields in user reviews 🎉 - Details
  • Add advance authorization option in review reply feature
  • Update user review layout
  • Update lang files
  • Fix minor issues
3.24.0 20 July 2020
  • Add an option in rwp_user_reviews shortcode to show reviews of the currently logged user
  • Add knowledge base and support links in the Plugins admin page
  • Add the possibility to reply to user reviews 🎉 - Details
  • Update translation files for Italian and English languages
  • Fix minor issue in the post preview of comparison tables
  • Fix Google snippets issue in critic review
  • Fix minor issues
3.23.0 01 June 2020
  • Add review count shortcode
  • Add rwp_rating_count postmeta and fix unserialize issue
  • Add possibility to open custom tabs link in a new window
  • Add possibility to show reviews on profile pages
  • Add email notifications on user review approval
  • Improve user review layout in the admin page
  • Fix issue when sending email notifications
  • Fix minor issues
3.22.0 23 April 2020
  • Update Google snippets data structure
  • Add IP address label in the license admin page
  • Add post id and box id args to rwp_snippets WP filter
3.21.0 09 September 2019
  • Add center option to rwp_reviewer_rating_stars and rwp_users_rating_stars shortcodes
  • Update backup feature to improve stability
  • Fix warning in the user reviews admin page
  • Fix minor issues
3.20.0 16 August 2019
  • Add rwp_reviewer_score postmeta for the first Reviewer box of each post
  • Add pros and cons to the review box theme 5
  • Update email template page title
  • Update Google rich snippets structure
  • Fix URL link to the user reviews admin page in the email notification
  • Fix bug that does not show the summary section label
  • Fix minor issues
3.19.0 18 November 2018
  • Add inline parameter to [rwp-users-rating-stars] shortcode
  • Fix issue with the backup feature
  • Fix minor issues
3.18.0  25 May 2018
  • Add a companion plugin (Reviewer Extension) for extending the Reviewer plugin with WordPress hooks
  • Add 2 new shortcodes for displaying the numeric average of reviewer and users scores
  • Add possibility to link review author to his profile page in user reviews
  • Add the possibility to insert Privacy Policy (GDPR) terms in user reviews
  • Improve Google Snippets: user reviews are now indexable ;-)
  • Improve plugin translation
  • Improve user review layout
  • Improve UX
  • Fix minor issues
3.17.0 06 December 2017
  • Add setting for excluding Google reCaptcha from specific post IDs
  • Fix an issue that did not save custom links correctly
  • Fix minor issues
3.16.0 22 October 2017
  • Add possibility to open custom links in a new browser tab/window
  • Fix an issue about avatars of user reviews
  • Fix an issue in Reviewer > Preferences page
  • Fix minor issues
3.15.0 10 August 2017
  • Add WP custom filter before saving a new review and add WP custom action after saving a review
  • Add a new user review authorization mode based on user role
  • Add new shortcode that gets reviews of a single user
  • Add maximum score in overall score and users score
  • Add numeric rating above score in user review (enable it in Preferences page)
  • Add a new design of custom links
  • Improve email notice about new user reviews
  • Edit plugin menu icon
  • Edit all existing shortcode names (details inside doc)
  • Merge all front-end js files in a single one
  • Fix floating-issue of pros and cons
  • Fix sorting issue in Review Boxes widget and Review Boxes List shortcode
  • Fix responsive issue in theme 4
  • Fix rendering problem in theme 3 for some users
  • Fix minor issues
3.14.2 17 April 2017
  • Add custom URL setting in User Reviews Widget
  • Fix error for some users about the importing of backup or migration file
  • Fix minor issues
  • Prepare the plugin for the next major release
3.14.1 14 November 2016
  • Fix error during license registration
3.14.0 13 November 2016
  • Add possibility to set user review images required during the review process
  • Update some labels in back-end components
  • Fix minor issues
3.13.0 01 September 2016
  • Add support for image URL inside Comparison Table
  • Add possibility to change review box type after its creation
  • Fix license activation issue for some users
  • Fix some text labels
  • Fix minor issues
3.12.0 05 August 2016
  • Add possibility to choose which WordPress roles can manage user reviews
  • Add the possibility to apply a verified badge to a user review
  • Add possibility to attach images to user reviews ;)
  • Add possibility to manage user review image attachments
  • Add a new plugin license system (read the documentation for all details)
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • Fix minor issues
  • New notes are described inside documentation for Extended License buyers
3.11.0 12 July 2016
  • Add the new Migration admin page
  • Add possibility to users to leave an unlimited number of reviews per Box
  • Update Review Box status. Now it is synced with post/page status
  • Update [rwp-users-rating-star] shortcode. Now it supports Auto Box type
  • Update javascript dependencies
  • Update language files
  • Fix Review Box Widget functionality
  • Fix an issue that does not display user avatar in user reviews
  • Fix deprecated function in Reviewer > Support page
  • Fix minor issues
3.10.0 07 February 2016
  • Move Reviewer API manual from Admin Area to plugin's documentation
  • Rename all existing API (check out the new documentation )
  • Add 2 new API: get_reviews_box_users_reviews, get_users_reviews
3.9.0 05 February 2016
  • Add the possibility to show Post's Feature Image for Auto Boxes
  • Add the possibility to show reviews box image inside Comparison Tables
  • Add possibility to show user review dates as a human-readable format: "1 hour ago", "5 mins ago", "2 days ago".
  • Add possibility to enable/disable "sameAs" property for Google Rich Snippets
  • Add the possibility to set a custom URL for "sameAs" attribute of Google Rich Snippets
  • Fix an issue that loads ReCaptcha's lib even if it was disabled
  • Fix a warning for Auto Boxes
  • Fix minor issues
3.8.2 06 January 2016
  • Fix issue about IE10 compatibility
  • Fix special characters issue inside users review and widget
  • Fix issue about the parsing of the user review date
  • Fix CSS issue about criteria scores inside users reviews
  • Fix CSS issue about centering the username to the avatar image
  • Improve Google rich snippets with “sameAs” property
  • Update documentation. Check it out!
3.8.1 24 November 2015
  • Fix an issue that does not allow to use multiple reviewer shortcodes on the same page
  • Fix CSS issue about criteria scores inside users reviews
  • Add possibility to hide criteria scores inside the [rwp-review-recap] shortcode
3.8.0 19 November 2015
  • Increase plugin performance
  • Add new users reviews GUI
  • Add possibility to sort users reviews (Most recent, Top score, Most helpful, Worst score)
  • Add more types in template manager page
  • Add the possibility to change the default login URL for reviews boxes in Preferences page
  • Add the possibility to choose the source (Reviewer or Users) for single criteria inside the Reviews Box
  • Add the possibility to set title and comment fields as "not required" (default setting) inside user review
  • Update get_review_users_rating API and related doc. Now it works with auto boxes!
  • Update languages files and some labels
  • Fix minor issues
3.7.0 19 October 2015
  • Add the possibility to add no follow attribute to reviews box image and custom
  • Add the possibility to sort comparison tables
  • Replace default Captcha with Google ReCaptcha
  • Fix CSS issue about user display name inside user review and review form
  • Fix Google Rich Snippets
  • Fix minor issues
3.6.1 08 August 2015
  • Fix issue that does not import users reviews correctly inside the Import/Export page
  • Fix Google Rich Snippets issue
  • Fix issue that does not submit the user review title field if the reviews box is inside a tab component of some themes
  • Fix issue that does not display correctly the user's reviews in reviews boxes
  • Add the type selection in Reviewer template
  • Add localization support for email notification about new users reviews
3.6.0 29 July 2015
  • Implement user review sharing
  • Add possibility to choose the number of users reviews per page in the Preferences page
  • Fix issue that added extra br tags in pros, cons and summary sections
  • Fix minor issues
3.5.0 26 July 2015
  • Enable user to rate again after its reviews were deleted
  • Add two new shortcodes for reviews box
  • Fix timestamp for new user review
  • Add possibility to edit user review date in backend page
  • Update support page - Update Google Rich Snippets
  • Update admin notices for activation and support
  • Fix extra slashes issue in user review editing
  • Prevent to exclude auto reviews from all available terms in template manager page
  • Fix issue that displays invalid email when notifications are disabled about new ratings
  • Fix issue that shows unapproved user reviews inside the widget
  • Add possibility to show post title inside Ratings Widget
  • Enable featured image inside Reviews Widget
  • Enable featured image inside Reviews List Shortcode
  • Set correct post date for reviews boxes
  • Edit Reviewer backend menu
  • Add possibility to disable plugin support features for Extended License
  • Enable reviews box shortcodes to be shown in any post or pages
  • Add possibility to change count label of users ratings inside template manager
  • Add the possibility to edit user scores in the user reviews page
  • Update languages files
  • Fix minor issues
3.4.1 14 March 2015
  • Added a new shortcode for review that shows scores only
  • Fixed the issue that caused an error with Google Rich Snippet
  • Fixed minor issues
3.4.0 11 March 2015
  • Added the option for sending an email notification when new ratings have been submitted
  • Added the possibility to show scores as stars inside Reviews List shortcode
  • Added the possibility to choose if a score with zero value is allowed or not
  • Added the possibility to define custom CSS rules inside Preferences page
  • Added the possibility to choose the theme for Comparison Table
  • Added support for custom tabs inside Reviews List shortcode
  • Added a new theme for Comparison Tables, "Theme 5"
  • Added a new theme for Reviews Widget, "Theme 3"
  • Improved backend UI
  • Fixed minor issues
3.3.0 17 February 15
  • Added the possibility to set the minimum and maximum number of characters for user review title and user review comment
  • Added the possibility to exclude categories/custom taxonomies from auto reviews
  • Added three new shortcodes that split the review into three sections: recap, ratings, form
  • Added the possibility to hide review title or show the post title for reviews
  • Added the possibility to edit users ratings inside Rating Manager page
  • Added the possibility to use "Featured Image" as Review Image
  • Fixed some CSS issues
  • Fixed minor issues
3.2.0 06 February 15
  • Added custom tabs inside overalls section for reviews - example: price tab...
  • Added new rating mode: full rating with stars
  • Added new Reviewer Widget for displaying latest or top score users ratings
  • Added email field and Gravatar support for users rating
  • Fixed minor issues
3.1.0 21 January 15
  • Added Captcha field for user rating
  • Added rating moderation
  • Improved user rating: it can be completely customized
  • Add new back-end page for Rating Manager
  • Added possibility to delete reviews inside Reviews page
  • Rating form options were moved from review box to reviewer template. (Please update your Reviewer Templates!)
  • Fixed minor bugs
3.0.0 16 January 15
  • New users rating
  • New gorgeous themes
  • Improved reviews customization
  • Improved Reviewer Widget
  • Added two review types: "Post Author Review with Users Ratings" and "Users Reviews Only."
  • Added the possibility to duplicate review templates.
  • Added the possibility to reorder review criteria.
  • Added decimal precision to scores values
  • Added the possibility to insert a specific review or table in any post
  • New gorgeous and responsive themes for your reviews
  • Added colors palettes for reviews themes
  • Added the summary field for reviews
  • Added auto users reviews box for the custom post type
  • Added the possibility to insert custom links inside reviews
  • Added custom link for review image
  • Updated Reviewer API
  • Fixed minor bugs
2.5.0 04 November 14
  • Added Status field for reviews
  • Added the possibility to disable users rating on a single review
  • Enhanced Reviewer API v.1.1
  • Enhanced Reviews List Shortcode
  • Enhanced Reviewer Widget
  • Fixed minor bugs
2.4.0 30 October 14
  • Added Reviewer API to integrate the plugin functionalities inside themes.
  • Added the possibility to Import / Export plugin data.
  • Fixed Google Rich Snippet issue.
  • Fixed “Slashes” issue.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
2.3.0 05 September 14
  • Added the new Reviews List Shortcode to display a custom table of reviews.
  • Added custom overall score for reviews.
  • Added support for the new WordPress Media Uploader.
  • Added two new sorting modes inside Reviewer Widget.
  • Improved Pros and Cons fields.
  • Added a new post editor button for the Reviews List Shortcode.
  • Updated Google Rich Snippets tags.
  • Added the ranking number to inside Reviewer Widget.
  • Improved widget UI.
  • Improved Comparison Tables UI.
  • Added the new Theme 9 (Shows Overall Scores, Pros and Cons).
  • Fixed Theme 4 Issue.
  • Added custom overall score.
  • Added Support page.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
2.2.0 10 July 14
  • Added Review Image support
  • Enhanced Reviewer Widget
    • Add category filter
    • UI improved
  • Bugs fixed
2.1.1 09 June 14
  • Fixed WordPress 3.9.x compatibility
  • Post editor button for inserting reviews and tables works correctly
  • Fixed Pros and Cons issue
2.0.1 11 March 14
  • Fixed an issue for users that have PHP 5.4
2.0.0 08 March 14
  • Added users rating support
    • Rating with classic five stars ( the star image can be replaced with a custom one )
    • Full rating ( users can express a vote for each criterion of review )
  • Comparison tables: create comparison tables with reviews of the same template
  • Add Reviews back-end page: view all your review in a single view
  • Add Preferences back-end page: manage Reviewer Plugin settings
  • Improved back-end user interface and user experience
  • The plugin is now integrated with the new UI of WordPress 3.8
  • Two new gorgeous themes for reviews
  • Previous themes are restyled
  • Localization support ( available languages: English, Italian ) - You can translate the plugin in your language in a few minutes
  • Add support for Google Rich Snippet
  • Bug fixed
1.1 17 September 13
  • Added the possibility to customize each theme:
    • Text Color
    • Total Score Label
    • Total Score Box Color
    • Different colors for High, Medium and Low Scores
    • Pros and Cons Section completely customizable (label, color, font size...)
  • Improved ‘Add Review Box’:
    • Add slider for setting scores (a quicker way to add reviews)
    • Reviews Tabs: now all post reviews are displayed in a tab mode for a better user experience
  • Minor bugs fixed
1.0 9 September 13
  • Initial version

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