Before describing the workflow and the features of Reviewer Plugin, it’s convenient to introduce some terms for a better understanding of next articles.

Review Box

The main plugin feature is the review box, a component you can insert in posts, pages or custom post types that defines an author review and user reviews. There are three types of review box.

Reviewer Box

Reviewer Box type is a review box that contains scores, pros and cons, summary and other fields created by the author of the post. Users/visitors can leave their reviews on that box. Think this type as a recap of the full review article the author has written. The Reviewer Box must be created and inserted in the post/page manually.

Users Box

Users Box type is a review box for users. The scores are related to user reviews. If you need a simple but powerful review system, this is the type for you. The Users Box must be created and inserted in the post/page manually.

Automatic Box 

Automatic Box type has the same behavior of Users Box type, but it will be added automatically at the bottom of post/page of particular type. The Auto Box can be enabled inside a Reviewer template. If you need a custom position, check the “Shortcode Advanced Features” article out.


A Reviewer plugin template is a model for the review box. It contains all the shared attributes for all review boxes you will create. It's useful because you want to make a change such as the maximum score or add a new review criterion, the changes will take effect on all review boxes that belong to the template, so you do not have to edit all the boxes one by one. Cool, isn't it? 

Comparison Table

A comparison table is a component that contains a subset of review boxes that belongs to the same template. It's very useful for comparing scores and criteria of different review boxes. The tables are static, so the post/page author needs to create them, choose the review boxes and place the shortcode in the post/page content. 

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