Google Structured Data

The Reviewer plugin supports Google Structured Data (aka Google Snippets) in Google Search results. That means you will be able to index your user reviews and average scores in Google searches. 

The snippets are added automatically inside the review box layout. So you do not need to add any extra code. You just need to follow a few steps to make sure to configure them correctly.

If you have set Reviewer Box or Users Box types, then the snippets will be added to the page using the [rwp_box] shortcode. If you set up Automatic Box type, then you are good to go. The box takes care of the configuration for you.
Validate the page at by pasting the link or the source code.
Submit your site to Google Index. Once you have registered your site go to Crawl > Fetch as Google and insert the page you want to index.

You need to wait... Check the site status out after a while. It can take some hours or days.

If you are not using Automatic Box or the [rwp_box] shortcode or simply need to add Google Structured Data to another page you can use the brand new [rwp_snippets] shortcode in the post/page. Learn more about this shortcode in the related article.

Why does not my site have the stars inside Google Search?

First, make sure you followed the previous steps. It’s up to Google to show the stars inside the Google Search. You can not control it. A possible test to check if the stars are available is to make a google search like the following: site:FULL-URL-OF-THE-PAGE

Why is it available the Product schema only?

Google has changed the schema of some types such as Restaurants, Local Business and so on, so the types require additional information that the Reviewer plugin can not provide. This is the reason that the plugin uses the Product type only.

The Reviewer plugin provides support for Google Critic Review and Review Snippets only. So if you want to add extra info to your posts/pages, use a specific plugin for Google Structured Data.

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