Link reviews to the user profile page

The Reviewer plugin offers the possibility to link the name and the avatar of a user review to his profile page.

The Reviewer plugin does not offer a user profile page. So you need to find a plugin that offers that functionality.

The features work with registered users only. Of course, visitors that leave a review will not have a profile page.

Once you have set up your user manager plugin, you can go ahead with the following steps.

Find the structure of the URL that your Users Manager Plugin uses. For example, go to a profile file page of a generic user.

The image above shows that the profile URL structure is

where mike is the user, so a generic URL of the user profile could be

Replace the username with the wildcard %needle%. The plugin will replace the placeholder with the related username in the user review.

After finding the URL structure you need to go to Reviewer > Preferences page on your admin panel. 

Choose how the user is identified - in our case we choose the username option- then paste the URL structure you found previously.

Great! After saving the changes of the Preferences page, you should get the avatar and the name active in reviews of registered users.

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