[rwp_boxes] - Review boxes list

The shortcode has same features of Review Boxes widget so you can create a custom list of reviews boxes inside post or pages. The shortcode has a complex structure, so to make the life easier there is a new post editor button that helps you to generate the correct shortcode. The shortcode can be copied and paste into any post or page.


Name Description Default value Required
template Reviewer templates identifiers separated by a colon ( : ) all templates
title The title of the list current post ID
sorting It defines the sorting modes:  latest, top_score, top_rated, top_users_scores, combo_1
stars If it is set to yes then the numeric score will be displayed as stars no
count Number of review box to show 5
layout It defines if the list must be displayed inline or full width:  auto, inline auto


[rwp_boxes template="rwp_template_1234:rwp_template_5678" title="Reviews Boxes List" sorting="latest" stars="yes" layout="auto"]


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