Since version 2.4 the Reviewer plugin offers the possibility to import and export the Reviewer data you created. You can easily make I/O operations to backup or to move the Reviewer data to another blog. 

The version 3.11.0 has the new Migration tool for managing Reviewer backups and migrate user reviews from other review services. You can find a copy of all exported files inside the reviewer/backup folder. 

You can import backups made with a plugin version greater or equal to v.3.11.0. So make sure to make a backup if you recently update the plugin.

Import reviews from another service/plugin

Version 3.11.0 introduces a new tool for migrating user reviews from a review service to Reviewer plugin. The plugin uses a JSON file with a specific structure that contains all user reviews for the different review boxes you configured. You can find an example of JSON file in the item folder you downloaded from CodeCanyon -  migrate-user-reviews.json. 

Before creating the JSON file, you need to configure the plugin and create all review boxes you need. The migration process can import user reviews only. The migration file contains a list of JSON objects. Each object must have the following properties:

Property Description
The numeric ID of the post in which the review box was created.
review_box_id The numeric ID of the review box. If you are using Automatic Box you can set the value to the wildcard -1.
review_user_id The numeric ID of the user who left the review. If the user is not a registered one, you can set the value to 0.
review_author The name of the review’s author. Set the value to an empty string if the user ID is greater then 0.
review_author_email The email of the review’s author. Set the value to an empty string if the user ID is greater 0.
review_criteria A JSON object that contains the couple (criterion id, score value). You can find the criterion ids inside the related template of review box. Take a look at example file for all details.
review_title The title of the review.
review_comment The comment of review.
review_status The review status. Possible values: publish, pending.
review_template The template ID related to the review box.
review_created_at The review date in ISO 8601 format.


        "review_post_id": 1,
        "review_box_id": 0,
        "review_user_id": 0,
        "review_author": "Leopoldo Halvorson",
        "review_author_email": "walter.rubye@stokes.biz",
        "review_criteria": {
            "c2": 1.8,
            "c0": 3.5,
            "c1": 2.6
        "review_title": "Nostrum omnis nobis voluptatibus modi necessitatibus ut.",
        "review_comment": "Deserunt voluptatem provident nam ut placeat aperiam commodi. Pariatur ad voluptas quaerat dolorem earum cupiditate saepe. Ut cum animi est nemo sapiente quis sunt.",
        "review_status": "publish",
        "review_template": "rwp_template_57820ad5ae20b",
        "review_created_at": "2015-12-26T10:41:11+0000"

Once your migration file is ready you can validate the JSON structure at https://jsoncompare.com and import the file inside the Reviewer > Migration admin page of your site.

The process requires knowledge about JSON files and dev skills for generating a correct migration file for Reviewer plugin

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