Shortcode advanced features

The content of this article requires some developers skills so make sure you have access to the source code of WordPress theme and have some knowledge of PHP language.

The Automatic Box type allows to add a review box at the bottom of a post or a page automatically, but if you’d like to render the review box in a custom position follow the next steps.

Disable Automatic Box inside the Reviewer template by unselecting all the post types. Make sure to copy the Template ID you want to use. 
Open PHP file of your theme/plugin in which you want to display the review box inside your favorite code editor.
Paste the following code

<?php echo do_shortcode('[rwp_box id="-1" template="TEMPLATE_ID"]'); ?>

The ID -1 is a wild card for Automatic Box identifier. The plugin knows that you want to render an Automatic Box so it generates the id automatically. Replace TEMPLATE_ID with the related reviewer template id you have copied previously.

All process works with the following shortcodes only:


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