The plugin offers two WordPress widgets. You can find them in Appearance > Widgets page of your admin panel. Choose the widget you want to use and drag into a widget area. 

Review Boxes widget 

The widget displays a list of review boxes with some key info. It does not work with Automatic Box type. You can filter the review boxes by templates and order them by:

  • Latest boxes
  • Top scores boxes by the reviewer
  • Top rated boxes by users
  • Top score boxes by users
  • Combo 1: the average of reviewer and users scores 

The widget has 3 gorgeous themes; previews are available on plugin’s page. 

User Reviews widget 

The widget displays a list of user reviews ordered by latest ratings or top scores. You can decide which fields of user review you need to show

  • Avatar
  • User Name
  • Review Title
  • Review Comment 
  • Review Score
  • Post Title
  • Link to the related reviews box

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