Reviewer Extension plugin

Where can I write my custom PHP code? 

The answer is Reviewer Extension, a free WordPress plugin included in Reviewer plugin that allows writing all your custom PHP code in one place.  The Reviewer Extension plugin is just a template for a basic WordPress plugin in which you can write your custom PHP code. 

Why do I use the Reviewer Extension plugin?

There are several reasons for using the Reviewer Extension plugin:

  • You have a place for all your custom PHP code.
  • You will not lose all your hard work if the theme or the Reviewer plugin will be updated.
  • You don't need to write the PHP code in the functions.php file of your theme.


The Reviewer Extension is included in the main folder your download from CodeCanyon once you have purchased the Reviewer plugin. Before uploading the plugin on your site follow the next steps.

The next steps require developer skills and PHP language knowledge. We do not provide support for your custom code because customization is not included in Envato Support rules.

Unzip the file on your PC.
Open the reviewer-extension.php file in your favorite code editor.
Start adding your code after the comment   // *** START CODING FROM HERE *** // . The file already includes a boilerplate for all the available custom hooks that Reviewer plugin offers. You can uncomment them for starting or just add your custom code.
After finishing the coding process, you can re-zip the folder and upload the plugin on your site.

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