Envato Extended License

If you did not purchase an Extended License of Reviewer plugin, you could skip this article. 

If you are continuing to read this paragraph, that means you have purchased an Extended License of Reviewer Plugin. Thank you very much! ;-) 

A few notes when you redistribute/include the Reviewer plugin inside your theme/plugin.

  • The Reviewer plugin must be activated before using it since version 3.12.0. The registration process requires your Envato username and the purchase code related to the Reviewer plugin purchase you made. Provide these two pieces of information to your customers and the instructions about Reviewer plugin activation.
 The Extended License can be activated in an unlimited number of websites.
  • Your customers that use the Reviewer plugin inside your theme or plugin cannot have access to the Reviewer Plugin support. They have to contact your support then you can forward the issue to Reviewer plugin support if you are not able to resolve the issue. 
 Please provide these notes in your item documentation. 
  • If you forward the issue to Reviewer Plugin support make sure your Reviewer support license is not expired. 

Your collaboration, as Theme/Plugin Developer, will be appreciated. Thank you.

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