Review Replies

Since version 3.24.0, the Reviewer Plugin offers the possibility to visitors or site users to leave a feedback/comment/reply on user reviews. The feature comes very handily especially for site owners that want to write feedback on reviews posted by visitors.


There are available some preferences you can tweak to customize the feature's behavior. From the Reviewer > Preferences admin page, you can find a new section named Review Replies with the following options:

Reply Authorization

Decide who can post a reply. By default logged users only are allowed to comment a review. You can change the setting allowing all users/visitors to post a reply or to a specific group of users specifying their ID. You can find the ID value related to a user on the Users admin page. If you do not need the reply feature you can choose the Disable option.

If you need a more customized auth option, you can choose the new Advance setting, that allows you to specify for each user the review boxes related to posts/pages on which he can leave a reply.

Show replies

You can decide if replies are shown on page loading by checking the related option. There is a new button on the review itself to toggle the visibility of replies.

Manage replies

Users that can already manage reviews - i.e. access to the Reviewer > User Reviews admin page - can also edit or delete replies. On the reply itself, two new buttons - Edit and Delete - will be present for users that are allowed to manage comments.

Clicking on the Edit button, the user will be able to change the entire feedback, from author information to the comment content. Once the modification is complete, click on the Update button.

That's it! Now the feature is fully active and you can allow users to write feedback on page's reviews.

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