Review Custom Fields

Since version 3.25.0, the Reviewer plugin offers the possibility to have custom fields inside user reviews. It's super useful if you need to collect additional data from the user/visitor who is posting the review.


The plugin allows creating an unlimited number of custom fields with different preferences according to your needs. From the Reviewer > Preferences admin page, you can find a new section named Custom Fields with the following options:

Custom fields settings

  • Title: Just a simple identifier used in the admin area.
  • Label: The regular input label that will be shown in the review form.
  • Placeholder: The regular input placeholder to insert a hit for the user during the review posting.
  • Taxonomy Terms: Decide on which review box that belongs to specified terms can have the custom field. Learn more about Taxonomy on this official WordPress article
  • Public field: Define if the field will be shown in the review after the submission. This option is very useful if you want to collect private user data. The values will be available in the admin area only.
  • Required field: Decide if the field is mandatory or not during the review posting.
  • Required field: Decide if the field input label is shown in the review form.


Once the custom fields are set up correctly, the new input fields will be available in the review form. After the review submission, if the fields are public, they will be displayed below the default review data. 

The old reviews that do not contain the custom field references will be not present. 

Custom fields

Manage custom field value

Admin users that are authorized to manage user reviews can tweak at any time the values of custom fields. If you need to update the old review with new extra fields you can do it quickly for the Reviewer > User Reviews admin page.

Edit Custom Field

We already plan to extend the custom field feature with new input types such as select inputs, checkboxes, and radio buttons. 😉 

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